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Have a website that could use a facelift?  Have no website at all?  More than ever, your business is judged by your website, and if your prospects can’t find you online, it’s like you don’t exist at all.  A recent study by BIA/Kelsey indicates that 97% of consumers go online to research products and services.  If they're not finding you during their searches, there's no doubt about it:  You’re losing business, and probably lots of it. 

Ace has created a proprietary Web Development Platform (AcePlaceCMS) that is revolutionizing the way websites are developed & maintained.  Our platform drastically reduces the programming and coding required to deliver outstanding functionality and delivers a Content Management System that puts the control of content back into our Clients’ hands.  More importantly, with AcePlace, you can manage your Branded Merchandise/Company Store, your In-House Database, E-mail and SMS Text marketing communication from a single platform.

Your website is often your first opportunity to display your brand image to potential clients.  More often than not, prospects will judge the quality of your product or service by the quality of your website.  Consumers expect professional looking design and navigation, up to date content and relevant information.  We’ll work with you to create a design that sends the message you want your clients to receive.

With the AcePlace Content Management System (CMS), you are no longer dependent upon your website developer to make changes and updates to your web content (text, images, news, video, etc.).  The first (and most obvious) advantage is saving the time and expense generally associated with having a developer manager your content.  An important secondary benefit is that you’ll be more inclined to make frequent updates to your site.  A site with “more and fresh” content is engaging for your clients, and helps your site to score higher with search engines.

The AcePlace CMS has some incredible features that are unique to our platform.  AcePlace provides a single platform from which you can manage your client databases.  We have integrated SMS Text & Email Blast capabilities as well, so you can use AcePlace to manage a constant conversation with your clients.

As a further benefit, we’ve also integrated E-Commerce into our solution.  With AcePlace, we can provide:

  • Retail E-Commerce
  • Online Company Stores
  • Seamless integration with client websites

A study conducted by Cisco found that 45% of shoppers enjoy using their mobile device to research products online while they're in the store.Increaslingly, web searches are originating from mobile devices as “smart phones” continue to dominate new phone sales.  Most existing websites do not display properly on the much smaller mobile screens, and in many cases, cannot display at all.  Search engines like Google give higher priority to mobile sites when the search originates from a mobile device.  Having a Mobile Website running in parallel with your primary website solves this problem.  Our solution recognizes the type of device (computer or mobile) and directs the information request to the appropriate format.  AcePlace is:

  • Optimized to display Web content effectively 
  • Optimized for search engines used by mobile devices
  • Optimized for easy data-field entry from mobile devices
  • Customized High Quality and Visually pleasing design
  • Strategically developed to deliver vital content


Let Ace show you the difference between having an online presence, and having an Integrated Online Marketing Strategy.