Database Analysis & Building

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We will work with your existing database(s) to ensure that you have the most accurate and up-to-date information for your clients including (but not limited to) physical addresses, email addresses, and phone numbers.  We will also "Model" the demographic & psychographic characteristics of the customers/clients in your database.  Together, we will utilize this information to learn even more about your existing customers, and we can create a demographic/psychographic profile of your ideal customer base.  This highly-targeted knowledge can then be utilized to accurately identify high-probability prospects in your market area.


Making the Most of Your Data:

  • Data Cleaning & Appending:  Is my information accurate?
  • Data Modeling:  Statistically speaking, who are my current clients?
  • Acquisition Modeling:  Based on my current clients, who else should I be marketing to?
Data Cleaning & Appending    
Efficient marketing starts with Accurate Data.  We start by combining all Client Data into one format.  Next, we run the consolidated list through multiple data-sources to confirm good data & replace anything missing or obsolete.  The new "clean" data source can then be utilized in a similar "Appending Process", where additional data points can be added to the information (think:  Email Addresses, Phone Numbers, Annual Income, Home Address, Homeowner Status, Presence of Children, etc.)  

Database Modeling    
Utilizing your cleaned & appended data (cross-referenced with numerous data-sources from across the country), we will develop an in-depth profile of your client base.  This profile will highlight the various demographic & psychographic characteristics that define your clients.  Your client profile will become an invaluable guide for future marketing strategy.  




New Customer Acquisition Database    
After the analysis of your data reveals your “ideal client” profile, we can return to our network of database sources to identify a qualified list of prospects that most closely resemble your existing clients.  This becomes the basis for a continuous process of efficiently reaching out to your most likely new clients.